OUV 1000 Series


OUV 1000 Series - Over/Under Voltage Detectors


bulletLow Cost
bullet1 Amp Solid-State Output
bulletUpper and Lower Voltage Adjustments
bulletInternally Voltage Regulated
bulletTemperature Compensated Adjustments
bulletOptional Output LED status Indicators
bulletWide Ajustment Ranges (10 - 120 percent)
bulletInput Noise Filter and Trip Delay for Noise Suppression



Battery Charger Control - Brown-Out Protection - Motor Protector  Tach Monitor - Power Supply Monitor - Loss of Voltage Indicator


The OUV 1000 Series Voltage Detectors provide an economical solution to voltage level detection. Designed for maximum flexibility, the detectors can be used either as a single point voltage monitor with hysteresis or a voltage window detector. Mode selection is selected internally.

In the single point level detection mode, the output turns on when the input drops below the lower trip adjustment. Conversely, if the voltage exceeds the upper level adjustment, the output turns off. The upper and lower trip adjustments determine the hysteresis value around the desired trip point. (See Voltage Chart A)

In the Voltage window detect mode the output turns on whenever the input voltage is below the lower and above the upper trip adjustment. (See Voltage Chart B)

Both the single point and window detect modes have a trip delay of 3 seconds and noise suppression circuit to prevent inadvertent voltage tripping.

The OUV 1000 Series Detectors have a one amp source current ouput capability and can be ordered with output LED status indicators.

The Detectors plug into a standard eleven pin spade terminal relay socket.


Output Delay Approx. 3 seconds
Knob scale adjustment Reference only
Adjustment Resolution Better than 2% of range
Voltage Protection Reverse Voltage Protection to 200 VDC
Operating Temperature -20 to 160 F
Dimensions 1.56 x 1.97 x 3.37 inches
Operating Voltages 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 48 VDC
Output Rating (source) 1 amp at operating voltage
Supply Current 100MA or less
Input adjustment range 10% - 120% of voltage range
Max. input voltage 150% of range continuous (1000V for 500 Microseconds)

 OUV Chart

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